Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why all the hate?

CashCall to pay state $1M for loan shark tactics

ANAHEIM - Anaheim-based fast-money lender CashCall Inc. has agreed to pay the state $1 million in civil penalties and legal expenses to settle allegations that it ran deceptive ads and used loan shark tactics against its customers.

The state alleged that the company, which has used former child star Gary Coleman in its ad campaigns, runs advertisements falsely suggesting cheap loans are available to all borrowers.

In fact, low interest rates are available only to active-duty military personnel and their families while other borrowers are charged more than a 139 percent annual interest rate, according to the state's complaint.


Why all the hate? "Right-hand man", "gentleman's agreement", "Dark Days" and "whiter than white" are phrases being "banned". Well, what about hateful derogatory phrases like "Loan Shark"? Why is that still acceptable? This kind of blatant stereotyping and discrimination needs to end.

There has never been a documented case of a shark loaning people money - ever. If we did, we certainly would never do things like so-called "Loan Sharks" do. We may be predators, but even we have standards of decency.

It's time to do away with phrases like "Loan Shark". It's hurtful.

And by the way, stop with the whole "Lawyer/Shark" comparisons, too. We're not monsters.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coolest pictures ever...

This is the dramatic moment a terrifying Great White shark attacks two baby seals.

Travelling at 35mph, the two-tonne monster rockets out of the sea, tossing the shocked pups into the air.

And although one of the slippery little chaps manages to execute a nifty mid-air spin and escape the jaws of the Great White, the other wasn't so lucky.

This extremely rare sight was captured by British photographer Dan Callister at Seal Island, South Africa, where 64,000 Cape Fur Seals go to breed between April and September every year.

Local Great White expert Chris Fellows, 36, said: "A seal can be cut in half in an instant, which is actually a blessing in disguise, as it is one of the most humane deaths in the animal kingdom."

Humane. That's me. The pictures are here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Raw Meat Issue of the Day


MUST SEE: Marine dresses down Representative Brian Baird. That'll leave a mark. Of course, I would leave a lot of marks, but for a Marine, he does okay.

H/T Hot Air via HotAirPundit

People tell me I look a lot like Steven Tyler...

In fact, I hear it quite often. Sometimes I'll go to the beach, and I'll pop up out of the water, and instead of scaring people, they ask for autographs.

I get so tired of the Sharpie Harpies, so I eat them.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Shark's Shameless Product Pimp of the week!

This week, I am pimping the Canon Powershot G10 14.7MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom! That's right, I said Canon Powershot G10 14.7MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom! How cool is that?
With this handy dandy camera, available through my Amazon Affiliate link in the sidebar (hint hint hint), you can take pictures of:

or even...

or better still...

So take it from me - this camera rocks!

South Korea to produce Red Shark torpedoes

SEOUL, Aug. 21 (UPI) -- South Korea has given the production go-ahead for the first 70 Hongsangeo anti-submarine torpedoes for deployment between 2010 and 2012, the government has said.

Up to 70 of the long-range ship-to-submarine light torpedoes, called Red Shark in English, will be operational aboard some of
South Korea's newest country's destroyers, the KDX-I/II, according to the procurement agency Defense Acquisition Program Administration.

After nine years of development, the final tests were completed earlier this year, the DAPA's sister organization the state-funded Agency for Defense Development announced in June.

Deployment is in response to a growing threat from North Korean submarines, the ADD noted.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Daily Chum Open Thread

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Raw Meat Issue of the Day

Nat Hentoff: I am finally scared of a White House administration

Nat Hentoff is no conservative, as you know. And guess what's scaring him. The power grab commonly known as "Obamacare".

If he were an attractive female former governor of Alaska, people might call him a "bimbo".

Shark’s Music Selection of the Day

Fast as a Shark. Rock. On.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's a boy... and a boy... and a girl... and a...

Eight baby sharks have been hatched at an aquarium in Cornwall.

The bamboo sharks were born at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay after their eggs were discovered in the aquarium's Giant Ocean display.

The sharks are usually found in the Pacific and Indonesian oceans in shallow tidal pools and coral reefs where they feed on shellfish.
They are completely harmless to humans and, when fully grown, they will be about 1m (3ft) long, the aquarium said.

The aquarium said: "It was important to remove the eggs from the main ocean display as soon as possible to protect them from the unwanted attentions of the other sharks and rays."

The young sharks currently have distinctive dark and light banding. However, this will fade away as they get older.

If all goes according to plan, the sharks will be transferred to the aquarium's Tropical Shark Lagoon within a couple of months, the aquarium said.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Raw Meat Issue of the Day

Well, it looks like the government has decided to shut down the Rat Fink Hotline.
Or is this merely a 'Strategic Withdrawal'?

The Daily Chum - Open Thread

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gadget of the Day: Shark Steam Cleaner

Shark steam cleaner is one of the most highly rated cleaners available. In fact they offer a very good quality line of products that are chemical free and eco-friendly too. Since steam cleaners that are hand held are more handy and useful appliances and seeing the demand, there are plenty of products from various industries in the market. In fact these cleaners can be used virtually anywhere as they are the safest way to remove dirt and maintain sanitation.

The size and the type of the steam cleaners are so designed that they can be used to clean all kinds of surfaces. The accessories provided with the product give you additional comfort and ease while using it. The accessories can be an extension rod, shoulder strap, concentrator nozzle, funnel, floor attachment or squeegee. All are helpful in different situations while cleaning various surfaces or floors.

I have one of these myself, and I must say, that much like a shark will eat anything, this thing will clean anything.

(By the way, if you order one through the Amazon Search Box on this page, I get a cut of the proceeds)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Night Movie Thread

The end of this movie made me cry.

VJ Day brings back family memories for Shark

The two wallet-size photos still sit in a box in my bedroom dresser, reminders of a promise not yet kept. Decade after decade I have held on to them.

My grandfather, on patrol in the Pacific in 1945

My grandfather got the photos at a moment of high anxiety – literally in the heat of battle. That's what makes them precious.

On March 19, 1945, he was on patrol off the coast of Iwo Jima, an island in the Pacific that was the site of one of the most bloody and legendary battles of World War II.

That morning, a Japanese kamikazi shark named Shisou Same, tasked with attempting to sink the U.S.S. Indianapolis, surrendered. He'd never believed much in the war, and he knew futility when he saw it.

My grandfather wasn't having the best time, either. Of all the sharks in his patrol unit, he was the only survivor.

The two sat together in an underwater trench for three hours that day – a 24-year-old American shark conversing with a 26-year-old Japanese shark in the only language they both knew: Shark Latin.

While the two waited, Shisou pulled out a photo that showed three people: Tenshi, his wife, and their two children, Kani and Sennyo.
Photo given to my grandfather by Shisou Same in 1945

The second picture was a portrait of his wife, Tenshi, shortly before he was sent to Iwo Jima.

Photo given to my grandfather by Shisou Same in 1945

Shisou said he expected to be dead soon – either literally (eaten by his captor) or figuratively (shunned for surrendering). “I can never go back,” he told my grandfather.

He extended the photos toward my grandfather. Please safeguard these, he said. And if at all possible, please get them back to my family. My grandfather said yes, and Shisou was transfered to the custody of American intelligence agents.

They never met again.

I still have these photos, and one day I hope to track down the family of this shark, fulfilling a promise made by my grandfather those many years ago.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey! It's football season!

I love football, but I really hate the Dolphins.

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Raw Meat Issue of the Day - Open Thread

'Fairness Doctrine rears up like a shark on a seal'

(CNSNews.com) - Mark Lloyd, newly appointed Chief Diversity Officer of the Federal Communications Commission, has called for making private broadcasting companies pay licensing fees equal to their total operating costs to allow public broadcasting outlets to spend the same on their operations as the private companies do.

Local public broadcasters and regional and national communications operations should be required to encourage and broadcast diverse views and programs,” wrote Lloyd. “These programs should include coverage of all local, state and federal government meetings, as well as daily news and public issues programming.

The report argued that large corporate broadcasting networks had driven liberals off the radio, and that diversity of ownership would increase diversity of broadcasting voices.

Well, I guess since they couldn't do it through legislation, they want to try doing it through executive rules.
Between Obama wanting opponents to the stimulus and health care "reform" to "stop talking", and now this, how long before the 1st amendment is not worth the paper it's written on?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

2 leopard sharks found in Norwalk trash can

Animal control officers are trying to figure out how two adult leopard sharks ended up in a trash can outside a Norwalk home.
A woman said she smelled a foul odor coming from a garbage can outside her house Monday and when she peeked inside found the two dead 4-foot sharks staring up at her, said Aaron Reyes, director of operations in the area for the L.A. County animal control authority.

"Stuffed in there, just sort of curled in and, you know, thrown on top of each other," Reyes said.


Two sharks, a cold night, dead in a dumpster. This is the harsh, cold street reality of the life of homeless sharks. Social outcasts, thrown away as worthless.

How many people passed them on the street, refusing to make eye contact? How many people ignored their please for help? How many people screamed, "GET A JOB, YOU LAZY SHARKS?" How many people judged?

Please join with me in asking your local officials to fund more shelters. These types of tragedies can be prevented, if we act.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Raw Meat Issue of the Day - Open Thread

Here's a big old chunk of partially-digested surfer for you all:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton compared Nigeria’s corruption and electoral problems with the 2000 Florida presidential election recount during a town hall meeting today in Abuja, Nigeria.

Answering a question about Nigeria’s recent election, Clinton said, “In 2000, our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of the man running for President was the governor of the state. So we have our problems too.”


I love it when our elected officials do things to undermine the public's confidence in our electoral process. Dont' you?

What kind of shark are you?

Have you ever wanted to be a shark? Of course you have - we sharks are the epitome of "cool".

While you can't become a shark like me, you can find out what kind of shark you would be. Here is a handy quiz to test your personality!

So, take the quiz, and let us all know how you did!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Beach Aquarium's tiger shark is a picky eater

Tiger shark. A voracious predator known for traveling the world's oceans and consuming everything in its way: smaller sharks, boat cushions, license plates, copper wire, shipwrecked sailors.

But on a recent Tuesday, the new 5-foot-long tiger shark at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach refused to even acknowledge a chunk of restaurant-grade ahi tuna dangled in front of its broad snout.

She's giving us wastebaskets of the sea a bad name with her fussy, picky ways.

Raw Meat Issue of the Day - Open Thread

Welcome to today's edition of the Raw Meat Issue of the Day. Today's Raw Meat is the Obama Town Hall Meeting. That's right, that perfect example of democracy in action where:
  1. You had to register to attend the event in advance
  2. You had to submit questions in advance
  3. You had to wait to be told where and when it was happening
  4. You apparently had to know someone in the SEIU to get in
Here is some video from this auspicious event:
Enjoy! And, as always, this thread is an open thread, so feel free to comment on other important issues of the day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ask the Shark!

Welcome to the first installment of our "Ask the Shark" feature! If you have any questions for which you need answers, I'll be happy to answer it! And if I can't, I'll just make something up! Win Win!

This new feature will be posted approximately whenever I feel like it!

(h/t to the best human friend a shark could ask for, SnoutPalm, for the killer logos. Get it? I said 'Killer'...)

One of my friends messed up bad.

Great white shark off Oregon Coast tangles with crabpot, loses.

While this particular story isn't about me - I was in Cannon Beach, but I got a text about it from a friend of mine who saw it happen - I can say that I have recently tangled with a crabpot elsewhere, and lost. I HATE crabpots. And Remoras.

Raw Meat Issue of the Day - Open Thread

'Un-American' attacks can't derail health care

By Nancy Pelosi and Steny

...These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades.

Health care is complex. It touches every American life. It drives our economy. People must be allowed to learn the facts...

Ignoring the idea that these elected civil servants want "the facts" to come out in the first place, because I believe they don't, I'm noticing a distinct theme in recent weeks - those of us opposed to the health care "reform" are "un-american", etc...?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I made the news!!!

I made the news! As you all know, I was visiting the Oregon Coast this weekend. I thought I had been quite unobtrusive and such, but I guess they noticed me!

Shark sighting prompts Oregon beach warning
Story Published: Aug 9, 2009 at 6:46 PM PDT

By Associated Press
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Police in Seaside, Ore., are warning beach crowds to watch out for sharks.Police officers on Sunday drove up and down the beach and used loudspeakers to announce a shark sighting.

Lt. Dave Ham says lifeguards saw a distinctive dorsal fin on Sunday and a lifeguard came across a porpoise Saturday that had been bitten up.

The beach was not closed.Ham says officials at the Seaside aquarium told him warm waters have moved closer to shore, brining in seals and porpoises, which attract sharks.


The porpoise was tasty, by the way.

(Note to self: find way to hide stupid dorsal fin... it keeps giving you away)

Raw Meat Issue of the Day (Open Thread)

Welcome to my new Blog Feature, the Raw Meat Issue of the Day, where we will discuss issues of importance in politics, society, and the ocean.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just got back from a trip to Cannon Beach

I love Cannon Beach, especially this time of year. It's so busy, and there are so many people on the beach and in the water. It is like one big long buffet table.

I took some pictures while I was there, which I am posting here for you to enjoy:

A view of Cannon Beach from my DorsalCam

Lunch... Just a litttttle closer... I dare you...

Anyway, I had a great time, as you can imagine. I also had some time for what I like to call "Shopping". I saw the following, but I couldn't buy one because I don't really have any money. Where would I carry it? Exactly. So, I couldn't get one of these:

Cool snow globes
Hey, you every try to take a picture on a cellphone with fins?

I also snagged something off someone in the water. They seemed pretty cool:

I wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I ate it.
Anyway, I'm home now.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My great-uncle discovered the wreck of the Titanic in 1934...

I think it's high time to clear up a few misconceptions that have long been held. I have had it UP TO MY GILLS with the whole human-centric writing of history!!!!!!! Everywhere you go, it's "Robert Ballard discovered the wreck of the Titanic. Isn't he great? Look at all the money he's going to make! Ain't it swell?"
No, IT ISN'T!!!! You know who else was down there when Mr. Ballard finally got there? FISH! Yeah, that's right. So HOW THE HELL CAN HE DISCOVER A PLACE, WHEN SOMEONE WAS ALREADY THERE!? HUH?

To say I am angry about this is an understatement. My great-uncle would be rolling over in his grave, if he had one (he got injured by a propeller, and the rest of the family ate him - Rest in Peace, Uncle Bob!) at how his contribution to society has been overlooked and denied for YEARS!

Here is the FIRST known photograph of the wreck of the Titanic. There is my Uncle Bob in the picture, as well.

It's time we right this injustice. Not just for me, but for my Uncle Bob and all of Shark-kind.

My Uncle Bob, at the Titanic, circa 1934

I found an old baby picture...

I'm loathe to share it, but it is an interesting look at the childhood of yours truly.

When we were little, my sister and I were always forced to go see Santa every Christmas. It was always a traumatizing experience.

I'm telling you now, if I ever ran into Santa somewhere, I'd be all over him like a... well, like a shark on a wounded, bleeding fat whale.

Anyway, here's the picture:

My sister and I, traumatized by the fat man.

I don't know why parents feel the need to do this to their children. Of course, my mother wasn't really very maternal to begin with. I almost think she WANTED my dad to eat me.

A little family history...

My grandfather was in the Pacific Theater during WWII. He made several long-range patrols of the major shipping lanes, and was known and feared far and wide.

Photograph of my grandfather, on patrol in 1945


WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! Here's me!!!!

So, I'm back from my vacation...

I went to the coast. I had a really great time. South Florida is a wonderful place this time of year, and the food is amazing. You ever had cuban? Mmmmmm.... Mmmmmm... good.

I also brought along my camera, and got some great photos. I'll share them with you:

Photo of some people I met near a beach

This guy kept getting in the way of my pictures. So I ate him.

They had great snacks at this resort.

The kids, fighting over some food. I threatened to turn this ocean around.

Well, that's all for now! Gotta run (I'm hungry)... See ya!

You know what I hate? Remoras.

Damn little bastards. Always expecting ME to feed them. They attach themselves to me, and wait for the crumbs of my food, which they snatch up. What am I, the God-damned Food Bank? Huh? Just leeching off me, waiting for ME to do all the work of getting food. Hell, they can't even swim for themselves. Oh, no. They gotta attach themselves to me, and let ME do all the work.

One of these days I hope one of those little bastards gets too close to my mouth when I'm in a feeding frenzy, and I "accidently" bite their little head off.


Just swimming through

Don't mind me. I'm just swimming through. Anyway, I just wanted to say "hi!" to everyone out there. Just a second, I think I smell something...

Yup. I smell blood. It's probably a long ways off, but I gotta go check it out, because it could be an injured fish or animal somewhere, and my brain is saying "YOU GOTTA GO EAT NOW!" so, well, gotta go! See ya!