Saturday, August 22, 2009

People tell me I look a lot like Steven Tyler...

In fact, I hear it quite often. Sometimes I'll go to the beach, and I'll pop up out of the water, and instead of scaring people, they ask for autographs.

I get so tired of the Sharpie Harpies, so I eat them.


  1. The likeness is incredible! Can you sing like that?

  2. Sure. Check this out. *ahem* *drinks water*


    Just gimmeeee a kiiiiiss....

    Like this...

  3. Very nice!

    Now all you need to do is add a little strut. I don't believe I've ever seen a shark strut before.

  4. I don't believe I've ever seen a shark strut before.

    Really? Strutting Shark.

    I just hope I dont' fall off the stage, and break a fin.

  5. I hope not too. Then you'd have to cancel the tour, and disappoint some very nice people, who have been looking forward to it all summer and had even bought a new outfit complete with a brand new hip handbag from Nordstrom to wear but what do they get? NOTHING. Hrmph.

    (Do I sound bitter?)

  6. I can't ever cancel a tour - I'm a shark, I gotta keep moving. If I don't, I'll die.

    So don't worry, the outfit and handbag will still come in handy.

  7. Good, 'cause I'm not returning that handbag.

    I can afford it. Really. I can.

    (I'm just having a little struggle with my conscience here. Pay no attention.)

  8. Hmmm... Sounds like somebody needs tickets to see James Taylor.

  9. I'm going with my BFF, and I don't mean "Rose"!

    ; )

  10. I'm going with my BFF, and I don't mean "Rose"!


    Wait a minute... you do mean me, right? Right...?

  11. I do. I'm not sure how to get a seatbelt around a Great White Shark though. Thank goodness I have a convertible - at least I don't have to worry about your head.

  12. I think the law about seatbelts only applies to humans. So, I think we're good to go there.

  13. The resemblance is amazing!

    Thanks! Dude looks like a Great White!