Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's a boy... and a boy... and a girl... and a...

Eight baby sharks have been hatched at an aquarium in Cornwall.

The bamboo sharks were born at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay after their eggs were discovered in the aquarium's Giant Ocean display.

The sharks are usually found in the Pacific and Indonesian oceans in shallow tidal pools and coral reefs where they feed on shellfish.
They are completely harmless to humans and, when fully grown, they will be about 1m (3ft) long, the aquarium said.

The aquarium said: "It was important to remove the eggs from the main ocean display as soon as possible to protect them from the unwanted attentions of the other sharks and rays."

The young sharks currently have distinctive dark and light banding. However, this will fade away as they get older.

If all goes according to plan, the sharks will be transferred to the aquarium's Tropical Shark Lagoon within a couple of months, the aquarium said.



  1. Just what the world needs. More sharks.

  2. Oh, and Brett Favre coming out of retirement...AGAIN.


  3. Comparing sharks to Favre? That makes the shaaaaark sadz :(

  4. Well, he let us have ONE week of preseason.

    Man, it was nice.

  5. Even ABC newsbreaks are ridiculing him. Gah.

  6. Well, on the plus side, training camp is over, and he didn't have to attend. ;)

  7. The whores of Minnesota are celebrating.

  8. The whores of Minnesota are celebrating.

    Are they? Oh yay.

    Apparently some sports newsradio guy said when his plane touched down, "The Ego has landed."

    I love him, but he just ruined my football season. He has become a laughing stock, and it sucks.

  9. Well, on the plus side, training camp is over, and he didn't have to attend. ;)

    One might get the feeling that was intentional.

  10. WTF is wrong with being a laughing stock?


  11. One might get the feeling that was intentional.

    Yup. Meanwhile, Sagevaris Jackenfeld was busting his ass trying to earn the #1 spot. Now this.

  12. Didn't he/they/she/it get hurt?

  13. WTF is wrong with being a laughing stock?

    Absolutely nothing!


  14. I'll let you know as soon as I am told what it means.

  15. Sigh:

    Favre said that the injury that required surgery on his biceps tendon and then finding out that he had a tear in his rotator cuff led him to think he shouldn't play anymore.

    Okaaaaaaaaay. I kept seeing mention of the torn rotator cuff today, so I looked it up. And there you go.

  16. I'd like to see a doctor's note. I think he just didn't want to do training camp.

  17. He wouldn't need to falsify an injury to do that.

    He would only have to do what he did: Faux "retire", wait until preseason starts, have a change of heart (AGAIN), and hop a plane to the land of thermal-wearing hookers.

  18. True. It is ok for me to hate Favre now isn't it?

  19. No. : ) (Unless you really want to.)

    I still don't hate him. I just hate this choice he made. I could give a rip about the season, really; the bigger picture bothers me more, that he's all but destroyed his legacy as a Packer with this move. That part, I really, really hate.

    And though it may not have been, it also just looks like this was a plan all along - don't officially say yes until the season starts. That's a hell of a thing for your teammates...not that I care about those guys, but still...